Welcome Back Myrtle Philip Families

** Update

We are aiming to move into our new learning communities at some point on Friday Sept 6th.


School Opening Package from Sea to Sky School District 48, including greeting from the Chair of the Board of Education (click here)

First Day of School, September 3, 2013


  • Returning Students gr 1-7 go to last year’s classroom.
  • New Students go to the library with their parents.  Here our staff will bring them to a class with students their age.
  • New Kindergarten students do not come to school this week.  Parents have                       received a letter and email regarding 1:1 conferences on Sept.5,  6 or 9.

9:30 – Students are dismissed for the day.

September 4th & 5th

8:30-2:41 – Full Day for all grade 1-7 students.  Students will continue to stay with their previous years Teacher until our student enrollment numbers are confirmed and our new configurations and classes have been built.

We are working to move into our new learning communities as soon as possible.

Friday September 6th, and Monday September 9th

Kindergarten students have their scheduled 1:1 meetings with Kindergarten teachers.

Tuesday September 10th

This is the first full day for Kindergarten students.

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