Calendar Input Process for 15/16 school year and 16/17school year.

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Dear Staff, Parents, and Community members,

Below are the calendars sent out via email.  We have posted them to our website for further access.  Please feel free to send feedback to me directly via email.

The purpose for these submissions is to provide for our parents, staff, and community members an opportunity to consult and assist in the development of our local school calendar.

The Board of Education has established all non-instructional days for all schools in the Sea-to-Sky school district. Each school is responsible for establishing bell schedules, early dismissal days, collaboration dates/times, and other professional development outside the school year.

With respect to collaboration time, teachers have a professional commitment to improving their practice through collaborative methods and recognize this as an effective means of professional growth and development for them, including during Collaboration Time.  Professional learning activities established for Collaboration Time are jointly planned amongst educators in respect of student learning needs and related instructional practices at our school. Both sets of calendars propose collaboration time within a “Day in Session”, with an early dismissal time on specified days throughout the year.


Option 1: 

Looks at providing early dismissal time (one block) every Wednesday.  

2015/2016 Calendar Draft  –  MPEcalendar-2015_2016_1hrcollab

2016/2017 Calendar Draft  –  MPE calendar – 2016 2017_weeklycollab

Option 2: 

Looks at providing early dismissal time (at lunch) every third Wednesday.

2015/2016 Calendar Draft – MPE_calendar_2015_2016_Collab2hr

2016/2017 Calendar Draft – MPE calendar – 2016 2017_2hrcollab

We welcome your feedback as we endeavour to create a calendar that supports all our learners. Please note that this is a consultative input process.  We are not voting between the two calendars.  There are many factors that come into play to select a local calendar, and this input process is our opportunity to uncover the areas for concerns and also explore the opportunities each calendar presents. 


Please contact me directly by email, or by phone, if you have any questions or concerns. 


 Jeff Maynard

Myrtle Philip Community School


604-698-8003 (cell)

604-932-5321 (office)

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