Welcome Back

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Dear Parents,


I am very happy to say that we were able to successfully move our students into their new classes earlier today.  As always, this is a delicate process, and requires considerable consultation with myself, our learning services team and our teachers.  I have been very impressed with the care and concern of our staff in developing our class compositions.  I know this is an anxious time for students and parents,  however  we are very fortunate to have such a dedicated and professional group of Teachers who put in their heart and soul to ensure the best possible placement for each individual child.   After a considerable amount of work, we are very pleased with the outcomes and configurations of the students. 


Our philosophy for class placements is always built on creating a sense of balance (in the classroom and in the school).  We look at the whole child, and build balanced classrooms based on students social/emotional capacity, academic learning, gender, etc.  We consider the competencies outline in our district education plan, and discuss how students work collaboratively (how and who they work well with), how they display creative and innovative thinking, etc..  It is a complicated and intricate process.   In our final stages of discussion, I have become very confident that we have put ourselves to task to ensure we have built the best classroom compositions possible for our students.   

A huge thank you goes out to the hard work and determination of our entire MPE staff.  It has been an incredible start-up to the school year, and we are all looking forward to an amazing school year.   We are truly a fortunate school. 

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