Marimba at Myrtle

Last year Myrtle Philip was given a substantive grant though Whistler Backcomb to purchase 10 full scale Zimbabwe style Marimba’s. Because each instrument had to be handbuild, this order took several months to complete and the instruments arrived late last spring right in the middle of our Musical theatre productions of the Lion King and Willy Wonka. So it wasn’t until today that our intermediate students were able to start their first Marimba class with me. Each class had 50 min to learn a new song and we recorded the outcome of that block to share with the school here on Sound Cloud. I was very proud of our students today, as they worked very hard as a team, and in a very short amount of time were able to create some great music. It is a real testament to the many years of musical literacy Mrs. Mcphee has been building in our student population. Follow the links below to their songs.

Grade 4’s

Grade 5/6

Grade 7’s
Next Friday at 12:30pm – 1:30pm we will hold a parent Marimba session. Please RSVP to if you would like to join in and have some fun playing and learning on these great instruments. We will start playing by learning some of the songs you have just heard above. We will limit this to 20 parents, so please sign-up quickly if your interested

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