From Seed to Table

Today was a very special day at Myrtle Philip.  We were fortunate enough to feed 33o students and approximately 50 parents and teachers with homemade soup made from the vegetables that were grown in our own community gardens.  Students were part of the whole cycle and process of building the garden beds and planting the seeds last spring to farming and harvesting the veggies this fall.

Over the past few weeks, our students and many parents were involved in creating todays lunch – peeling, washing, chopping and roasting veggies, culminating in the most delicious pot of veggie soup.  According to our kids, the soup was

  • “A 10/10, actually it was 2000/2000”
  • “Five stars – unless the rating went higher then it would be a six”.
  • and one of our Kindergarten students described the event as “a whole lot of yummy”

This event was more than an opportunity for us to come together as a school community, it represents much more.  Our aim was to develop a level of understanding for our kids about where our food comes from, and how much time and energy goes into the food that we eat.  In building this understanding, we will become a more appreciative and sustainable culture.   We were thrilled that this was a zero waste event and appreciate all the students bringing in their own bowls and spoons.

None of this would have been possible without the dedication of our teachers and parents and the work of our students following out the process from seed to table.   Jen Black and Christy Craig were instrumental in planning and coordinating the many parent volunteers throughout the project to make it an extremely successful and educational experience for our children.  On behalf of the whole school I would like to thank every parent and teacher that gave their time and energy into creating this opportunity for learning for our kids.

We would also like to thank the Grocery Store, the Hilton and the Four Seasons for their generous donations from cooking supplies to table dressing that made this stone a huge success.

Chen kw’enman-túmi, Kukwstumckacw,

Jeff Maynard
Myrtle Philip Community School

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