MPCS Climbing Team

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Yesterday wrapped up our last of 8 climbing session at the CORE in Whistler. With the addition of our schools new goPro cameras we decided to shoot some footage of our climbing fun to share with everyone.

With such great success, we will continue with the climbing team next September. Stay tuned.

From play, to passion, to purpose.

Garden Boxes

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Mr. Smith and his class built 4 garden boxes this past month, and have planted flowers and veggies. It was a great learning opportunity for all students, and they showed great ownership in the project. This video was created by two up-in-coming movie producers in Mr. Smith’s class, as a way to blog the experience.

Great Job guys.

Myrtle Cup

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Myrtle Cup

Our official website for the Myrtle Philip World Cup Soccer has been launched.  Grade 4-7 students please visit the website to see your team.  Training camp begins tomorrow, and our first matches will begin on Monday (on the official opening day of the FIFA world Cup).


Air Band 2014

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The following 9 videos were posted so staff, students and parents can re-live the glory of the infamous Myrtle Philip Community School Air Band.

In all their glory here are:

Price Tag

The Oldies re-mix

The Final Countdown

Material Girl

Eye of the Tiger


Take Me On

We Will Rock You

Mrs. Williams Chick Hatching Webcam

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We have set up a webcam so students can see the chicks hatch in Mrs. Williams class (they were due to hatch on Monday).  It looks like the incubator was a little warm as they have started to hatch a day early.  Please check out the link below.

The user name is :  guest

There is no password

It seems to be working best on internet explorer.  You will need to have Java installed (or activeX plug-in). If it is not working for you feel free to call me at the office on Monday, and I can walk you through the set up.

Monday update: